10 thoughts on “Simplicity🌸

    1. Liebe Monika, Es freut mich, dass Dir das Bild gefallen hat. Die schoenen Glockenblumen stammen aus meinem Garten. Sind wirklich schoen. Ja, und das tolle Zitat sah ich neulich in einer Zeitschrift, dass ich es weitergeben und teilen wollte. Wuensche Dir und Mimi noch einen schoenen Tag. Lara u. Misty

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  1. is that the name of these flowers Tina…..”Bell flowers”?
    A friend has a very tall rose bush.Must be 12 feet if it’s a inch.I pick some roses & bring them home.They are yellow to pinkish.Makes my little apartment that much better with them!

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    1. I am sorry that I reply only now because I did not check the comments. As far as I know these flowers are called Bell flowers. They grow very low to the ground and come up every year in summer. They look really nice in a vase on the table. Have a nice weekend. Lara🌸🌷


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