Tina’s little garden

P1010001 5.jpg

Beauty surrounds us, but usually we need to be walking in a garden to know it.



P1010005 4.jpg

Since we have almost 5 months of winter the outdoor garden, as seen above, can only be used a short time.   Somebody who loves plants and flowers will have to create his own indoor garden,  This can be done near a window or any room where there is a lot of light.   Tina loved her plants and she liked to sit in the “plant room”.   Since I took many pictures I would like to share them here.


P1010001 2.jpg

This picture was taken this winter.  You can see Tina outside in the snow


P1010001.jpgTina posing next to the plants


P1010002 2.jpgSurrounded by flowers.   Tulips look so lovely and are my favorite flowers


P1010002 3.jpg

sitting in the jungle



There is still some room in the jungle to walk around


P1010001 4.jpgthis picture was taken last summer when it was also green outside


P1010001 3.jpgThe indoor jungle in winter


IMG_3138.jpgTina having a nap next to the plants


P1010003 2.jpgA Buddha statue surrounded by last year’s geraniums


P1010002 2.jpgThis is how Tina’s garden looks today.   The plants are growing taller….


IMG_2934.jpgThe last picture of Tina and me…



It is with deepest sadness and a broken heart that I have to tell you that my beloved Tina, my best friend, has passed away suddenly after a short serious illness.  She was 14 years old.  Because it was so unexpected it is so painful to deal with this loss.   I wish she could have lived forever, and I will miss her so much.   I only know that one day we shall meet again.  This blog will continue in her name and her pictures will continue to feature regularly.

Dear Tina,

A million words would not bring you back, I know I have tried, neither would a million tears, I know because I have cried…….



I shall love you forever……always in my heart…..until we will meet again….