In the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter and sharing of pleasures.  For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed…


                                             Khalil Gibran

My little indoor jungle

We are still in the midst of winter with no spring or summer in sight.   Outside everything is white, covered in snow and ice, and we long for a bit of green space.  Here are the good news.  We can all create our own little indoor garden, no matter how small.   There are so many different plants and one for every corner of the house.  Some plants need more light and should be placed near a window while others thrive in the darkest corner.  Just find the right one for your home and which suits you best.    There are plants which  do not require lot of care, like the spider plant for example.   And then there are plants which grow very fast, like the rubber plant and they can look spectacular in any room.   My plants in my home have grown quite a bit and here are some pictures…

P1010002 4.jpg

a tall rubber plant near the staircase


P1010001 3.jpg

nice place to sit surrounded by plants while everything is white outside



a real little jungle


P1010006 2.jpg

I transformed my plant room into a garden terrace  with umbrella and garden furniture



Tina relaxing on the sofa surrounded by plants and books


P1010002 3.jpg

another plant corner in the dining room


P1010003 3.jpg

I also like plants in my kitchen


P1010001 2.jpg

Tina has the best spot in the house


P1010003 2.jpg

I love placing different plants and flowers on tables around the house


P1010002 2.jpg

happy Tina



another view of the plant room



another room decorated with plants and flowers



A large Monstera plant near the window



Winter in Montreal

Despite the freezing cold and icy roads Montreal looks very pretty with its snow covered streets, trees and houses.  There seems to be something magic when everything is white outside and dark streets become light at night,  casting shadows from the street lamps and holiday lights.  Not only the city, but also the suburbs, are  pretty at this time of the year.   Here are some examples…


P1010048.jpga lovely entrance and stairs of a house in the downtown area of Montreal



lovely architecture in the center of Montreal


P1010041.jpgdowntown Montreal in winter


P1010024 2.jpgthe Big Wheel of Montreal


P1010022.jpgThe clock tower in the old port of Montreal


P1010040.jpga street in Old Montreal


P1010001.jpgromantic street in the Villeray district of Montreal


P1010001 2.jpgthe look…after a snowstorm here in Laval


P1010006.jpga lovely street in Rosemere, a suburb of Montreal


P1010004.jpganother snow covered street in Rosemere


P1010015.jpgbeautiful houses covered in snow, here in St. Therese


P1010018.jpgTina enjoying the outdoors..
P1010021.jpga cute little street in St. Therese

True Love

P1010001 2.jpg


Everybody says love hurts, but that is not true.  Rejection hurts.  Losing someone hurts.  Envy hurts.  Everyone gets these things confused with love, but in reality love is the only thing in this world that covers up all pain and makes someone feel wonderful again. Love is the only thing in this world.

Liam Neeson



Tina and me………….TRUE LOVE…..




Winter Celebrations

It is this time of the year again when we are looking forward to the holidays. Even though winter is long and tough the month of December is the month when everybody is busy with baking, shopping, decorating and preparing for Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year’s eve.   It is the time of year when streets and homes look festive with sparkling lights and it is fun walking around admiring the neighborhood.   Here are some examples.


one of the homes in my neighborhood




a beautiful tree in front of a house in Rosemere



inside the Rosemere shopping center


P1010006 3.jpg

love the front of this house



a street in St. Therese



my favorite house here in Rosemere.


Tina relaxing on her favorite sofa next to a tree


P1010002 2.jpg

some more decorations




Winter in Saint Sauveur

Walking around Saint Sauveur the other day I saw a few patches of snow and ice here and there and lots of holiday decorations.  I loved walking along the main road where all the stores and restaurants were looking festive with Christmas trees and lights.   This little town has so much to offer and really looks good the whole year round.  Here are a few examples.


one of the restaurants with pink ribbons and baubles



Sparkling lights outside another resto



a few patches of snow  here and there


P1010042 2.jpg

love this little blue house with its red door



something out of  a picture book



lovely older house decorated for the holidays



one of the side streets


P1010001 2.jpg

a cottage decorated for the holidays



Tina and the Christmas tree



End of Summer

Now it is official.  It is really the end of Summer, and soon the end of Autumn.  It is getting colder and the days are getting shorter.  How depressing is that.  Many of the trees are still full of leaves and it makes us forget that it is already November.  When walking around I found the scenery very nice and colorful and here are some examples.

P1010002 2.JPG

a little house in St. Therese



a lonely spot in a park in St. Eustache



a lovely street in Rosemere



a reminder of Halloween



walking along a main street in St. Therese



a beautiful house in the center of town.



a forgotten pumpkin next to a fence



a residential street in St. Eustache


there are still some Geraniums in flower pots


A Suburb called “Saint Eustache”

Last week I went to visit Saint Eustache.  St. Eustache is an off-island suburb of Montreal on the north shore of the Mille-Iles river.  The center of town is the old part where you see beautiful old houses and  buildings which remind you of another era.  Here are some pictures of this charming  little town.


a lovely old home decorated for Halloween



another older home on the main street



a cute little restaurant on the main street



older row houses with exterior stairs



a tiny little theater in middle of town



the long bridge leading from Laval to Saint Eustache



the street overlooking the river



a nice place to sit near the waterfront
a little alleyway

Saint Sauveur, Quebec

Saint Sauveur is a small town in the Laurentians 60 km north of Montreal.  It is well known for its local ski areas.  In summer the many restaurants and cafés, as well as outdoor concerts, attract a number of visitors.   It is a town full of life, but just a few meters away in the back streets it is very quiet and you will see beautiful country homes.

the main street, rue Principale, where  the cafés and shops are located



one of the shops on rue Principale



A French restaurant “La Boheme” which is very popular




some of the restaurants already decorated for Halloween



some people still sitting outside even it is getting colder



love the blue door



another cute little shop



one of the lovely homes in Saint Sauveur



this is definitely one of my favorites.

My Indoor Garden

Since summer has passed and the weather is getting colder I have to bring in the last of my pots of plants.   I am lucky to have big windows and during the day my plants get lots of sun, so they can continue to grow.   Since I miss summer so much I create my own garden room in the house.


Pots of plants are placed all around the room and on the table


P1010002 2.JPG

In the back there is a large pine tree on which I have placed strings of lights to brighten up the dark evenings


P1010001 2.JPG

In front of a Japanese painting a glass filled with bamboo leaves


P1010001 4.JPG

the big leaves of the MONSTERA plant


P1010001 3.JPG
I bring in my outside furniture to make it look like a terrace


P1010002 3.JPG

a cutting of Hydrangea in a glass.  When they are dried you can keep them all winter in a vase


P1010001 5.JPG

Tina relaxing in her own little jungle