My little indoor garden

Every morning when I wake up I look at my plants and I am the happiest person in the world.  This shows that plants do make people happy.

I was glad when a few years ago the book “Urban Jungle” hit the shelves and became a bestseller.  It gave a whole new perspective on how to decorate a home.  Instead of spending a fortune on expensive new furniture and following forgettable trends you can also create a cozy home with inexpensive plants.  Nothing beats a green home and it will always be fashionable.

To have your own little indoor garden brings a lot of joy just watching your plants grow and seeing new blooms. It also keeps you busy taking care of your plants and turning your home into a peaceful area where you can relax and just be happy without wishing for more.

Here are pictures of my own little indoor garden and how my plants have grown..



plants love lots of light and are happy near a window. My monstera on the right is growing very fast.



One of my windows overlooking the garden and the apple tree



Little Bo loves to go for a walk in his little jungle



The little garden looks lovely in the evening light



In winter it gets dark early but you can still enjoy your garden under the lights. My geraniums are growing just as fast in winter as in summer



Hanging plants give the whole room another cozy look



You can create your own little quiet corner in any room



I covered Tina’s little worn-out and stained sofa with a cover and cushions and it makes this garden look very cozy



The geraniums in front which are growing higher and higher and soon Misty and Bo can play hide and seek behind the plants



Somebody is enjoying life in the jungle



This geranium is already living since 3 years here in the jungle



Little Bo has found himself another spot under the plants


IMG_6291 2.jpeg

Snow outside and green inside



Here are Misty and Bo and wish you all a very happy year 2020


Winter Lights and Decorations

It is this time of the year again when people are busy decorating their homes and their gardens and trees for the festivities of winter.  This already starts long before December.  No matter whether you celebrate Christmas or not it is also the time of year when streets look lovely with beautiful decorated front doors and houses.  Sometimes one can see a Christmas tree at the window.

I am one of those people who loves decorating and make the home cozy with lots of lights, all winter long.


Just a little Christmas tree on a table looks very romantic, as seen in this little cottage in the woods



Misty loves the place next to the Christmas tree while watching the outside world at the window.



walking along the streets you see all these pretty lights



Little Bo has found himself a comfortable place just next to a little Christmas tree



Love the baubles on the trees which makes this house look very festive



Lights in the house and the snow outside gives the home a cozy look



A little tree on the table is enough to create a festive ambience



Looking outside it looks like a painting of a snow covered forest



I love looking at the decorations at store windows, like this one here in Old Montreal


IMG_2755.jpegMy beloved Tina’s last winter 2017.  How much we all miss her 💖

Winter in Canada

We only have the beginning of November and winter is already here.  Summer only lasts a couple of months and then we have 6 months of winter again.  That is life in Canada.

There are people who love winter.  They like outdoor sports like skiing, skating and going for long walks in the snow.  Others cannot cope with the cold and if they are lucky enough they can spend their winter in the south, like Florida.

But winter can also be fun.  You can decorate your homes with lights and play with your kids and your dogs outside.  Here are some pics of the fun side of winter…


It looks lovely out there and the dog likes to run around chasing squirrels



There are also some people who still ride their bike on the snow



The streets in town are always cleaned and it is fun going shopping (St. Denis in Montreal)



A beautiful street with Christmas lights in the suburbs



A cute little pink treehouse inbetween the snow covered trees



A snow covered little angel in a garden



The snow looks magical



walking through high walls of snow



looking from the inside out



Some houses look so romantic like out of a story book



The last winter of my beloved Tina❤️

Gardens and Terraces of the neighborhood

Summer is the season when we spend the most time outside and when we take care of our gardens, terraces or balconies. This is the time when I like to go for long walks and admire the gardens and balconies of others.  Whether you walk around in town or in the suburbs you will always see something you like.  Montreal is a green town with lots of parks, gardens and balconies.  Here are some examples.



a beautiful house with an amazing front garden in the suburb




This is little Bo looking out over my terrace as I am watering the plants




A beautiful front garden in town




a beautiful terrace surrounded by trees in my neighbor’s garden




lovely little Boho terrace




A romantic little gazebo in the middle of a Rosemere garden




Misty found herself a cool spot in the back of the garden under the trees




another secret garden in one of the suburbs




I love this little balcony decorated with geraniums



P1010003 2.jpeg

cute little porch of a house in Vieux Saint Therese




A house like a castle with a huge garden on the waterfront in Laval, a suburb of Montreal




this fountain gives the garden a majestic look




Misty and Bo love the outdoor life and wish you all a Happy Summer🌼🌸

In the Shade of Winter


It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold, when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade

Charles Dickens

…yes, we still have winter here, but inside the house there grows a garden🌿🌸🌱

Misty and Bo

It is now almost one year since my beloved Tina went over the rainbow bridge and I still miss her very much.  Since then I have adopted another sweet dog, a 2 year old Labrador, called Misty, who has helped me a lot to overcome the loss of Tina.

Misty is the sweetest dog one could wish to have. She also has a little friend called Bo, who stays with us most of the week and those two get on so well like brother and sister.  Here I would like to share some pictures of those two…



like two angels sitting under the light



very curious…always looking at something or checking something out



so much sunlight in the room.  It is almost like a garden



Both love to sit on chairs and sofas and they always find the best places in the house



I love this cutie face



always sitting near each other



in the background heaps of snow outside while the garden is growing inside



the face of a fox



true LOVE❤️


If you want to see more pics of Misty and Bo follow us on Instagram @fleurdelys238

My little Urban Jungle

Ever since the book “Urban Jungle” has hit the shelves it seems that people have gone crazy about plants.  You see more and more homes packed with plants.  Sometimes more plants than furniture where you think you are in a real jungle.  Just have a look at Instagram and you will be amazed the homes you will see.

But plants have been around for a long time.  Even my grandmother already had plants in her home.  There is something very nice about plants at home . They make the home look cozy, and they are also healthy because some plants release oxygen.  You can create your own little jungle anywhere in the house.  Around or near a window or in a room with lots of light.  

Here are some samples of my own home



big windows give this room lots of light and makes it look like an indoor garden



A big Monstera near the window



A true jungle.. mixed with flowers and plants



In the corner of the bedroom another Monstera and an Ivy plant trailing down the mirror



Even the dog loves his place in the jungle



With windows above you have the sunlight all day long



I sometimes move the furniture around to give it another look and to place plants differently helps them grow



Again I moved the table into the corner to make more room for another big plant



Indoor and outdoor garden combined