Balconies of the neighborhood Pt. 2

here I am with the second part of the balconies and porches of the neighborhood.  There are so many beautiful balconies and terraces to look at and I found it difficult to choose the best ones because they are all so lovely.  Here are some examples..


this is a lovely house with a large wrap around balcony



one of the older houses with lots of charm


P1010002 3.JPG

a stately home



a large entrance balcony  decorated with flowers


P1010002 2.JPG

a beautiful bungalow with a wooden deck in front of the house



love the red chairs



a balcony of a castle



hidden behind trees



love the front porch



another hidden balcony


P1010003 3.JPG

a small terrace garden.  A little balcony in-between the plants.



A balcony decorated with Hibiscus trees.

Quebec towns under water

Nearly 4000 homes are flooded in Quebec.   This is one of the worst floods since 50 years, and with no end in sight.   There will be more considerable rainfall on the weekend.   I fell very sad for all these people who have lost their homes and everything they had.  I hope they will get all the help they need.  There are many volunteers who are helping and people have been very generous with their donations to the Red Cross.     Today I went down to the Rosemere waterfront and this is what I saw.


one of the lovely homes completely under water.  There was nobody there and it was very quiet.


the park under water



The playground under water



the houses on the other side of Laval are also under water.


Balconies of the neighborhood Pt.1

Last week I was driving along the north shore of Montréal, from Terrebonne to St. Eustache and I saw many interesting houses with beautiful balconies and front porches.  Unfortunately, since we still do not have a spring weather many of these balconies were quite empty but even then they looked lovely and I took many pictures.  Here are a few of them.


an older house with wrap around balcony and stairs



a beautiful Quebec style house



here the whole view of the house



my favorite bungalow in my neighborhood



This old bench looks very inviting


P1010010 2.JPG

one of the first flower pots to be seen



the first spring flowers


love this little terrace in front of the window