Balconies of the neighborhood Pt. 2

here I am with the second part of the balconies and porches of the neighborhood.  There are so many beautiful balconies and terraces to look at and I found it difficult to choose the best ones because they are all so lovely.  Here are some examples..


this is a lovely house with a large wrap around balcony



one of the older houses with lots of charm


P1010002 3.JPG

a stately home



a large entrance balcony  decorated with flowers


P1010002 2.JPG

a beautiful bungalow with a wooden deck in front of the house



love the red chairs



a balcony of a castle



hidden behind trees



love the front porch



another hidden balcony


P1010003 3.JPG

a small terrace garden.  A little balcony in-between the plants.



A balcony decorated with Hibiscus trees.

12 thoughts on “Balconies of the neighborhood Pt. 2

  1. also, ich bin ja hin und weg. So wunderschöne Häuser in der unmittelbaren Nachbarschaft. Da lässt es sich leben. Ein wirklich schönes Plätzchen Erde. Und Anregung zugleich – wie man seinen Garten gestalten kann. Wieder einmal sehr gelungene Bilder.

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    1. And there are so many more. Unfortunately I cannot take pictures of all of them. Every time I go somewhere I see something I like. Yesterday I was in town and I saw so many lovely balconies and gardens. I love those little pocket gardens. Just amazing. Thank you for visiting my blog. Lara


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