Quebec towns under water

Nearly 4000 homes are flooded in Quebec.   This is one of the worst floods since 50 years, and with no end in sight.   There will be more considerable rainfall on the weekend.   I fell very sad for all these people who have lost their homes and everything they had.  I hope they will get all the help they need.  There are many volunteers who are helping and people have been very generous with their donations to the Red Cross.     Today I went down to the Rosemere waterfront and this is what I saw.


one of the lovely homes completely under water.  There was nobody there and it was very quiet.


the park under water



The playground under water



the houses on the other side of Laval are also under water.


12 thoughts on “Quebec towns under water

  1. We don’t have any problem where I live. It is the people who live near the waterfront and there are lots of islands around Montreal with lots of waterfronts. It must be really hard for them. Hope they will get lots of help.


  2. I pray the victims of this devastating flood get the help they need. I hope the people and their pets are able to stay safe until the waters recede and they can work on rebuilding their lives. My heart goes out to them.

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  3. echt traurige Bilder. Die Menschen, die das erleiden müssen, können einem so leid tun. Erinnert mich an das Hochwasser hier im Jahr 2013, als Passaus Altstadt unter Wasser stand. Noch heute sieht man die Schäden.

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  4. Jetzt sieht es schon ein bisschen besser aus, aber die vielen Schäden sind da. Kann schon sein, dass man ein paar Häuser sogar abreissen muss. Sehr traurig alles.


  5. It does look better now, but unfortunately some homes have been very badly damaged and some have to be torn down. I really feel for these people who have lost so much.


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