Romantic gardens of Montreal’s suburbs☘️🌷🌺🌸💚

This time of the year it is fun just walking around and admiring all the beautiful gardens and balconies of the neighborhood.   Every year in July we have a day where we can visit the secret gardens of Rosemere, a suburb of Montreal.  Some of these gardens are shown here as well.

It does not matter how big or small a garden is, or if it is just a tiny little balcony or terrace, they can all look beautiful and romantic and unique🌷


The front of this house looks lovely with its many flowers, shrubs and trees



just a little bench with a couple of flower pots is already enough



I just loved this little pink tree house.  So unique.



a beautiful terrace surrounded by trees and plants



P1010018 2.jpg

love the bench next to the wooden fence


P1010014 2.jpg

a cute little statue under the tree



a cozy little garden house in the middle of the garden



a beautiful garden and balcony  on the waterfront in Rosemere


P1010016 2.jpg

cozy  patio at the back of the house



I love this beautiful blue house with its stairs and tiny front garden



My own little terrace overgrown with plants, flowers, shrubs and weeds…


P1010001 2.jpg
one of the beautiful gardens I have seen on my Secret Garden Tour