Balconies of the neighborhood Pt.1

Last week I was driving along the north shore of Montréal, from Terrebonne to St. Eustache and I saw many interesting houses with beautiful balconies and front porches.  Unfortunately, since we still do not have a spring weather many of these balconies were quite empty but even then they looked lovely and I took many pictures.  Here are a few of them.


an older house with wrap around balcony and stairs



a beautiful Quebec style house



here the whole view of the house



my favorite bungalow in my neighborhood



This old bench looks very inviting


P1010010 2.JPG

one of the first flower pots to be seen



the first spring flowers


love this little terrace in front of the window

14 thoughts on “Balconies of the neighborhood Pt.1

  1. Most people don’t mind if you take pictures of their properties. If somebody asks I always tell them it is for my blog. Sometimes I even ring the bell and ask them if I can take pictures and most are very happy and proud that I like their homes. Yes, and I even made new friends. Lara

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