Now it is getting colder, especially during the night, and I already had to bring in some plants.   I have lots of pots of geraniums and a large hibiscus plant out there.  Perhaps a little too much.   And now I have to find a place for all of them.  It is getting a big tight here around the house.  The good thing is that I have a sunroom (which gets quite cold in winter as well) with lots of windows.   I only have to be careful in winter when the cold air comes through the glass windows and might have to move the plants again.

here a couple of pictures of my jungle :



lazy Tina on her favourite sofa…

















Tina has been with us since 8 years.   We brought her home from a shelter and she did not look very happy at that time.  She was also very skinny.  Since she is with us she lives the life of a queen and she is quite spoiled.  She sits on all the sofas and she even has her favourite sofa.   She is allowed to go anywhere in the house and sit anywhere where she wants.    I also cook for her her favourite meals like fried steaks and chicken with vegetables.   That is why she is not a fan of dog food, but she does eat her kibble. She is very important to us and makes us all very happy.


please play with me……


are you going to open the door soon.  I want to come in….


my favourite sofa.  I can look outside in the garden and watch the birdies.