Scandinavian Winter Style

Going for a walk yesterday here in Rosemere I walked through piles of leaves and I looked at the Halloween decorations still up.   Now that Halloween is over we are already thinking about winter and the holiday season.


one of the houses I passed yesterday.  It looks really nice.  The ground covered with colorful leaves and at the entrance pumpkins are still reminding us of Halloween.


The street covered with leaves and some more Halloween decorations to be seen.


And while I was walking along I thought this is the time of the year when we have to prepare for winter.  Cover our patio furniture and bring in the last flower pot.  Then we start to change things around the house to make it look more festive.  I brought out all my white pillow covers and curtains and tablecloths.   In winter “white” looks best and this is when I really like the Scandinavian decorating style.

Here are some changes that I made:


In the sunroom I covered my table with a long white tablecloth which matches the white curtains.   I already put  lights on some of the little pine trees.   I also cut some branches from the cedar hedge and put them in a vase.


I decorated my old wooden table with 2 cute little Christmas trees


To make it look different you can place a winter painting next to the pine tree.


White and beige colored pillows on the sofa



I really love this almost bare room.   The ceiling is so beautiful and the colors of the room are serene and calming.


Source: SPAAZ DE.

Outside on the patio a wooden table with silver Christmas decorations.


 Soon I will be decorating the big Christmas tree.   I already placed strings of little lights all around the house since it gets dark so early.   I call them my “winter lights”.   It does not take long to decorate a bit around the house and it does not need to be expensive.  If you only buy some Christmas lights or place a few candles here and there and bring in some cedar branches it will already be enough.  I myself celebrate winter with LIGHTS.   I call it the SEASON OF LIGHTS.