Elsa’s Lullaby

Singer: NEEMA      Song:  Elsa’s Lullaby                                             from: youtube

This video is one of my favorites.   The dog “Elsa” looks exactly like Tina and the video was made in Montreal.    It is a song of love and companionship.   Elsa was her best friend.  Unfortunately Elsa is no longer with her but they had a happy long life together.    When I watch this video it makes me cry.   I hope you will like it as much as me.

9 thoughts on “Elsa’s Lullaby

  1. Yes, the music is so beautiful. Elsa was the dog of Neema, the girl who is singing. And it is Elsa the dog who is no longer with her. And because this dog Elsa looks exactly like my dog Tina it makes me so sad because I know that Tina won’t be with me forever. After that only the memories stay.
    Parce que Elsa resemble vraiment à Tina (mon chien) et c’est pour ça je suis triste que une jour Tina va nous quitter juste comme Elsa. On aime trop nos animaux.


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