Walking across bridges

Since Montreal is surrounded by many islands, we also have many bridges to cross, some small and some very long.    I love the look of the waterfront and I went this week to take some pictures of the little islands near where I live.  Of course in winter it does look different and it looks as if the rivers and lakes have gone to sleep.

P1010003 4.JPG

one of the longer bridges crossing over to another island in Laval

P1010005.JPGThere are still ducks brave enough to face the winter

P1010004 2.JPGstanding on the bridge and looking over to the island houses

P1010005 2.JPG





P1010003 2.JPG


P1010017.JPGa house next to the bridge overlooking the water



P1010015.JPGTina enjoying the snow

P1010003.JPGand even more the soft cushions….

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