Romantic houses of Rosemere

Rosemere is a suburb north of Montreal, just across the bridge of Laval.  Rosemere is known for its beautiful gardens (in summer) and for its quaint houses and beautiful little streets.  Of course there are also some new developments with newer bigger houses but I prefer older homes with character, where you feel that you are still in the country.  Here are some of my favorite ones.


on the waterfront



I just love this little bungalow

P1010001 3.JPG

another one of my favorites


love the front porch


P1010007 2.JPG

a Buddha sitting in front of the house


P1010001 2.JPG

P1010001 4.JPG


going for a walk along the riverside.

12 thoughts on “Romantic houses of Rosemere

  1. sagenhaft schöne Häuser, vor allem das eine mit der Schaukel. Da möchte man gleich einziehen. Und sooooooo romantisch.
    Die, die am Fluss liegen, sind besonders. Erinnert mich an Hamburg und die Alster. Ähnliches Feeling.

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