My Urban Jungle

Whenever people come to visit they think they are stepping into a jungle.  Then I hear comments about how my plants are sitting on top of each other, and why don’t I remove the weeds and how come there are so many moss patches on the ground everywhere.  The fact is that I am pleased about these comments because I like to live in a jungle.  I don’t want a designer garden where everything is measured and calculated.  I like it wild and unruly, where you can play hide and seek and the bees and the birds and rabbits are having fun.   This year the plants have grown even higher and the weeds as well.  here are some pictures of my Urban Jungle.


Two apple trees and some bushes near the fence


P1010001 2.JPG

my little Buddha garden



sitting under the apple tree


P1010005 2.JPG

Tina hiding near the gate



The apple tree in bloom



A jungle growing near the wall……don’t even know what is growing in there


P1010001 4.JPG

a romantic view from the house


P1010001 3.JPG

my own little home made terrace



The Jungle inside the house



looking from the inside out