Monkland Village Montreal

Monkland Village is an area in the Western part of Montreal which is known for its quaint cafés and restaurants as well as lovely homes on the side streets.  It is part of Notre-Dame-de-Grace just west of Westmount.  I went with Tina the other day for a visit to the vet and we took some pictures.


one of the many cafés


P1010010 2.JPG

one of the lovely homes seen on the side streets


a close-up of same house



plenty of greenery AND CARS


P1010004 2.JPG

a second hand book store next to other boutiques





one of the many balconies on the side streets



bicycles everywhere



lots of trees and greenery in the middle of town


P1010016 2.JPG


P1010003 3.JPG

a lovely little balcony above a Kabab shop




14 thoughts on “Monkland Village Montreal

  1. Thank you. I am happy that you like the pics. I always want to show different places and surroundings. The same as I like to look at pics of other countries and towns. It is like going on a trip, without taking a plane.


  2. das ist ja ein sehr belebter und sehr grüner Stadtteil von Montreal. Diese Seitenstraßen mit den schönen Häusern. Einfach lebenswert. Erinnert mich an das alte Schwabing in München, wo es auch so ein paar grüne und romantische Straßenzüge gibt.

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