Saint Sauveur, Quebec

Saint Sauveur is a small town in the Laurentians 60 km north of Montreal.  It is well known for its local ski areas.  In summer the many restaurants and cafés, as well as outdoor concerts, attract a number of visitors.   It is a town full of life, but just a few meters away in the back streets it is very quiet and you will see beautiful country homes.

the main street, rue Principale, where  the cafés and shops are located



one of the shops on rue Principale



A French restaurant “La Boheme” which is very popular




some of the restaurants already decorated for Halloween



some people still sitting outside even it is getting colder



love the blue door



another cute little shop



one of the lovely homes in Saint Sauveur



this is definitely one of my favorites.

22 thoughts on “Saint Sauveur, Quebec

    1. Thank you. I am glad you like the pictures of this beautiful little town. In winter with the snow it does look like a picture book setting. I love especially the little houses in the back streets.


    1. Thank you for your comment. I am sure there are similar places in Australia. some people think it also looks a bit like in Austria because of the ski hills in the background. It is really a nice little town and very popular with visitors.


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