My little indoor jungle

We are still in the midst of winter with no spring or summer in sight.   Outside everything is white, covered in snow and ice, and we long for a bit of green space.  Here are the good news.  We can all create our own little indoor garden, no matter how small.   There are so many different plants and one for every corner of the house.  Some plants need more light and should be placed near a window while others thrive in the darkest corner.  Just find the right one for your home and which suits you best.    There are plants which  do not require lot of care, like the spider plant for example.   And then there are plants which grow very fast, like the rubber plant and they can look spectacular in any room.   My plants in my home have grown quite a bit and here are some pictures…

P1010002 4.jpg

a tall rubber plant near the staircase


P1010001 3.jpg

nice place to sit surrounded by plants while everything is white outside



a real little jungle


P1010006 2.jpg

I transformed my plant room into a garden terrace  with umbrella and garden furniture



Tina relaxing on the sofa surrounded by plants and books


P1010002 3.jpg

another plant corner in the dining room


P1010003 3.jpg

I also like plants in my kitchen


P1010001 2.jpg

Tina has the best spot in the house


P1010003 2.jpg

I love placing different plants and flowers on tables around the house


P1010002 2.jpg

happy Tina



another view of the plant room



another room decorated with plants and flowers



A large Monstera plant near the window