Springtime in the suburbs

After a long endless winter finally the time has arrived when we can enjoy the outdoors again and start planting our gardens.  Even though Montreal looks very nice during this time of year I also like the streets of the suburbs along the riverfront.  Here are just a few examples…



private gardens along the waterfront in Rosemere




a lovely front garden of a house in Rosemere



love this street in Boisbriand



a street in the town center of St. Therese



a beautiful little front garden



Canada geese in Charbonneau park



another lovely street in St. Therese



a house in Rosemere



a typical village house in the old town of St. Therese


P1010007 2.jpg

a little corner in my garden



another little corner in somebody else’s front garden



people going for their morning walk along the shore of Rosemere


20 thoughts on “Springtime in the suburbs

    1. Thank you so much. Rosemere is a very nice suburb, just like in the country. I am not the best gardener but I try to decorate a little bit here and there. Soon I will be posting more pics🌺💚

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  1. Das sind herrliche Frühlingsbilder, liebe Lara, hab ich richtig mit Genuß geguckt. Und die Blütenfülle, so wunderschön! Mir gefallen die Häuser immer so sehr gut, sie passen so wunderbar in die Landschaft, und sind zum verlieben schön! Und die kleine Ecke in deinem Garten sieht so gemütlich aus!
    Danke fürs teilen dieser schönen Bilder, ich wünsche dir eine gute Frühlingszeit, liebe Grüße

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    1. liebe Monika, vielen Dank für Deine lieben Grüsse und ich freue mich, dass Dir die Bilder gefallen. Es gibt wirklich so viele schöne Ecken überall. Da gibt es dann auch so viel zum fotografieren. Da könnte man ganze Tage damit beschäftigt sein. Jetzt kommt ja bald Sommer und da kann ich mir mal die vielen schönen Gärten angucken und Bilder aufnehmen.
      wünsche Dir auch noch einen schönen Tag und eine schöne Frûhlingszeit. Lara💕

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  2. I’ve never seen a town like St.Therese before.It looks like they never planned for sidewalks.Some peoples houses stairs stop right on the street.A drunk driver would be able to hit a house no problem or anyone walking to there house would have to walk on the road.Also it doesn’t look like there are any poles for lights at night?How odd.

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    1. This is the old part of St. Therese. There are many little towns like this here in Quebec. I find them fascinating. I love those houses and I love the stairs. Montreal is known for its exterior stairs. There are poles for lights. You just don’t see them in the pictures. Another interesting little town is Vieux Terrebonne. When you walk there you think you have been transferred to the 18th century. And when I look through the windows into the houses (yes I do) it looks also very different from the new houses. I really love this. Would not mind living in one of those houses myself. Quebec is quite an interesting province.


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