Pictures of my garden 🌷

Finally summer is on its way.   Everything is green outside and pots of flowers can be seen everywhere.   Even though I am not an experienced gardener and do not have the know-how to create the perfect garden, I do try my best to get rid of some of the weeds and make the garden look tidy.   Comparing to my neighbors I am still a beginner, but I love my little green space just the same.  🌸💚🌺



I love sitting on my terrace.  It is easy to make it look nice.  Just a pretty tablecloth and a couple of flower pots and everything looks lovely.

P1010003 3.jpg

My terrace seen from the other side.  Because I have many trees and bushes it makes it very cosy and I have lots of shade from the hot summer sun.


P1010003 2.jpg

This is my little angel garden, just next to the fence.  I just removed some earth and placed some stones in the middle so you can easily walk through it.  Some of the weeds have grown into bushes and even a big tall tree, without me planting it.


P1010002 2.jpg

Just a small table and 2 chairs make it look inviting



At the front of the house I just placed a folding chairs and a few potted plants.  In the background you can see the the hydrangea plants growing taller and wilder



Another view from another angle of the garden



On the other side there is a small balcony where I placed more pots of flowers and tomatoes .  And here is my new friend “Misty”.   She is 2 years old and she was looking for a new home.  I am so happy that I have found her💖


Another view of the angel garden


P1010007 3.jpg

Somebody likes to smell the flowers


and to watch the bees and the birdies on the other side of the fence


       HAPPY SUMMER 🌺💚🌷🌸