Winter Lights and Decorations

It is this time of the year again when people are busy decorating their homes and their gardens and trees for the festivities of winter.  This already starts long before December.  No matter whether you celebrate Christmas or not it is also the time of year when streets look lovely with beautiful decorated front doors and houses.  Sometimes one can see a Christmas tree at the window.

I am one of those people who loves decorating and make the home cozy with lots of lights, all winter long.


Just a little Christmas tree on a table looks very romantic, as seen in this little cottage in the woods



Misty loves the place next to the Christmas tree while watching the outside world at the window.



walking along the streets you see all these pretty lights



Little Bo has found himself a comfortable place just next to a little Christmas tree



Love the baubles on the trees which makes this house look very festive



Lights in the house and the snow outside gives the home a cozy look



A little tree on the table is enough to create a festive ambience



Looking outside it looks like a painting of a snow covered forest



I love looking at the decorations at store windows, like this one here in Old Montreal


IMG_2755.jpegMy beloved Tina’s last winter 2017.  How much we all miss her 💖