A House with Buddha


Ever since I remember I was fascinated with Asian culture, reading books about China, India, Tibet, Japan and other countries.    As a matter of fact one of my all-time favourite books is MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA by Arthur Golden.  I have read this book so many times that I remember some pages by heart.    

Yes, and it does not stop there.   I also love to collect Buddha statues in all shapes and sizes.  I think that a home looks very nice with a Buddha sitting on a table or a bench right next to a Bamboo branch.   There is something serene about this look.  Since then I also read a lot about Buddhism and the whole Buddhist philosophy.  I think everybody should read a little about it because we could learn from it.     Herman Hesse’s book “SIDDHARTHA”  is an eye opener.  

My own book about Buddha:


which is also available on Amazon.  This little book has a collection of Buddha’s best quotes, together with pictures I took.  There are also a couple of pages about the Basic Teachings of Buddhism.


I also have various Buddhas sitting in my garden room, in-between the plants.   In the evening when it gets dark I light little lanterns and it gives you a very serene and relaxed feeling.    Buddhism is all about meditation,  to relax and stay calm, and to be able to face one’s problems.   


One of my other favourite books is “THE BOOK OF TEA” by Kakuzo Okakura and you can find all kind of different versions of this book on AMAZON.    Even today, 100 years later when it was written, it is still a bestseller.  

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