Today I went for a drive to Laval-sur-le-Lac.  It is part of Laval, a suburb of Montreal. But this place is very special.  Not only do you have a beautiful waterfront but you see also some very big mansions and monster houses.    I always like to look at the gardens and at the exteriors of the houses.    Here are some pictures  I took today.


P1010007 (1).jpg

This is my absolute dream garden.   In summer they often have garden parties and you see guests wandering about in-between the statues and flower beds. There is no fence and so people from outside, like myself, can look inside and take pictures.


Another house on the same street.



I took this picture on the little bridge which is leading to Ile Verte, another little island just across from Laval sur le Lac.    Another beautiful little place to visit.



Balconies of Montreal Nr.2

I think I have an obsession with balconies.  Sometimes I even think that a balcony is more inviting and cozy than a huge big garden, where there is a lot of work to be done and you really have to like gardening.   Some people are really good with plants and know how to create beautiful garden rooms.   I really admire them.   Unfortunately, I am not one of them.   Perhaps because I used to live in apartments (called flats) when I was living in London and I never had a big garden.   But I liked decorating a small balcony when I had one.   Just with a table and chairs and a couple of flower pots. 

When I walk around Montreal I always admire the balconies and the stairs.   I take pictures of streets and the stairs and sometimes of the balconies if I can get near enough, or I ask some friends to send me pictures of their balconies. 

Here are a some more pics of balconies.m16343444-bal23-01.jpg

lots of plants on this little balcony.



lots of lovely stairs and balconies on this street.

m22889761-tse22-01.jpgA small narrow balcony looking out onto the street