Today I went for a drive to Laval-sur-le-Lac.  It is part of Laval, a suburb of Montreal. But this place is very special.  Not only do you have a beautiful waterfront but you see also some very big mansions and monster houses.    I always like to look at the gardens and at the exteriors of the houses.    Here are some pictures  I took today.


P1010007 (1).jpg

This is my absolute dream garden.   In summer they often have garden parties and you see guests wandering about in-between the statues and flower beds. There is no fence and so people from outside, like myself, can look inside and take pictures.


Another house on the same street.



I took this picture on the little bridge which is leading to Ile Verte, another little island just across from Laval sur le Lac.    Another beautiful little place to visit.



4 thoughts on “LAVAL SUR LE LAC

  1. I love your blog – great inspiration to get out there and experience the beauty, and then to go home and love our pets!


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