The Vintage Kitchen

I always liked vintage and retro style kitchens.   I also prefer when kitchens are closed as separate rooms.   Today in Europe many homes have still closed kitchens.  Even some of the new properties which are being built.   Why?  Because there are many people who believe that an open plan kitchen makes a room look messy, when a dining room, living room and a kitchen become one single room.  

In my house we have an open kitchen where everybody can see immediately the untidy mess when they come into the house.  The kitchen is also an old kitchen from the 80s.  I am often asked why I don’t change the kitchen.   If I wanted to change it I would have to knock down walls to change the whole layout of the room, and that would be very difficult.   But there are other ways, cheaper ways, to modernize a kitchen.  First you can paint it a different colour.  Then you can remove some of the cabinet doors and change the backsplash of the kitchen and the counter tops. To make it even nicer just put some plants here and there and it will look nice.

Here a few pictures of some older kitchen:



what a lovely 50s style kitchen.   


Here a couple of pictures of my old oak kitchen.  We changed the backsplash and the counter tops.


A cute little table from IKEA and a folding chair give it a modern touch.


You can use any old table and make it look nice.  This table comes from a garage sale and I painted it.


The other side of the room just next to the kitchen.   A little seating area in front of the fireplace.  We also have a tiny television set in the corner to watch TV while cooking.


source: FLICKR.COM

Such a beautiful colourful retro kitchen.  Something to dream about. 


And here is Tina feeling bored while watching me taking pictures. 

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