Kitchens that stand out

For a lot of people the kitchen is the most important room in the house.  When they visit a place they will immediately look at the kitchen before anything else.  Even the price of the property very often depends on the look of the kitchen.  Some people need large kitchens for large families and others are happy with a small one, as long as it is functional and up to date.   Then there are preferences.  Most people go for open plan while there are a small number of people, like myself, who actually prefer closed kitchens and preferably with a table in it where you can sit and eat.

One of my friends had this most exquisite  kitchen and when she sold her house I was not surprised that it sold very quickly.  Here are two pictures of her kitchen and you will see why I fell in love with it.


White walls and black cabinetry and granite counter tops make this kitchen really stand out.  At the other end you can see a large table and 4 chairs to make this an eat-in- kitchen.


With large windows there is lots of light coming in to make it look bright.   A large beautiful chandelier can be seen just above the table.


Here a beautiful kitchen looking out onto the garden.  This is a holiday flat in London which I found on the HomeAway website.  It is really lovely.



A very long kitchen where on the other side there is an equally long table for a large family, topped with a colorful red tablecloth, gives this kitchen a special look.



Since I am a big fan of everything “Vintage” I had to show this picture of a wonderful Retro dining set (to die for).  It matches very well with a white, Scandinavian style, kitchen.   Again there are no curtains on the windows to let the light come through.


And don’t forget to decorate your kitchen table with fruits and vegetables or also with plants or flowers.


Here is an update on my large Hibiscus plant which I took in from the garden a couple of weeks ago.   This magic plant keeps on growing and growing and every day there are new flowers to be seen.   This is the first Hibiscus plant I ever had and I love it.



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