Now the holidays are over, we have welcomed the new year 2017, and we are in the midst of winter.   As a matter of fact winter has just started.  There are many people who do not like winter.  They don’t like the cold, the ice and the slippery roads.   Not to forget that we have to dress with heavy coats and boots and shovel the snow.   However, there is something very nice about winter.   The look of snow covered trees and houses is something out of a story book.  Especially after a snow storm, when the roads and lanes are completely white and the snow is glistening  in the sunlight.   Children love to play outside and build snowmen, while other are getting ready to hit the mountains with their skis.   It is also lovely to go for long walks and to admire  the scenery.

Here I took some pictures of the last snow storm and how it has transformed the neighborhood


looking across the road


walking along the road


looking across the river



Snow covered tree branches



like a Christmas card


looking out the window


Tina loves the snow


Silver Christmas decorations matching the snow


another lovely winter house


coming back from the evening walk…


15 thoughts on “ENJOYING WINTER

    1. Yes, what a difference to Australia. That is why many people here spend winter in Florida. At the same time the look of winter is so beautiful. Especially when you see the ice and snow glistening on top of the tree branches in the sun. What a beautiful sight !!!! Thank you for appreciating my pics.

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  1. Beautiful pictures!
    I belong to those who can paint and write about winter, but I really don’t like anything about, except the fantastic snowy views through the window.
    You have a very positive attitude.
    My place is extremely hard to heat, we had recently very low temperatures, so freezing 24/7. I’m waiting for spring, counting days.
    You have a fantastic friend. I can understand how Tina loves snow. Tina must be happy there’s a chance to go outside and play around in the white drifts.

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    1. Thank you for your comment. Nobody, including me, likes the extreme cold of winter and the icy roads and shoveling snow. But I do like the look of winter and the beautiful scenery because there is something magic about snow. When I look at pictures of Montreal or New York I prefer the winter pictures because they look most romantic. I also associate winter with the holidays like Christmas and the Christmas lights, which I keep all winter long because they are my “winter lights”.
      By the way, your paintings are very very beautiful !!!!! Lara


  2. The only thing I don’t like about winter is the fact we tend to get lots of rain,when we get a forcast saying we might get snow I hope and I pray and then in the morning I look out the window and its wet and cold but no snow……I love snow.I just wish that we would get a bit of snow in our part of the uk instead on all the rain we normally get.Beautiful Photo’s,xx Rachel and Speedy

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    1. Here in Canada we have the same problem. Lots of rain and then it freezes and now we have icy roads and not much snow. Waiting for the next snowfall and milder temperatures. Thank you for your comment. Lara and Tina xxx

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