Vieux St. Therese, Quebec

Today I went for a walk in Vieux St. Therese, which is a suburb north of Montreal.  It is a very old little town where you see lots of old houses with staircases outside.  There is also a very big college and that is why you see lots of students walking around.    In the center of town there is a big church and along the main road you will find lots of little cafés, restaurants and shops.   I love the look of the last century and hope that this little town will just stay the way it is.


houses of the village



the famous outside staircases which can be seen in many Quebec towns


walking along the main street


children crossing the street with the “lollipop lady”


lots of traffic in the afternoon

P1010005 2.JPG

another beautiful old house on the waterfront in nearby Rosemere


and here is Tina looking happy sitting on her favorite sofa near the window

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