Cottage Life

Every summer many Canadians are heading to their cottages.  But you do not have to own a cottage to live the cottage life.  There are many ways to enjoy the outdoors in summer.  Take out the chairs to your balcony, go down to the local park for a picnic,  go fishing, go for a bike ride and a drive out in the country, rent a boat for the day, hang out the washing etc.etc.  The list is endless.  I took pictures of the cottage life I enjoy…


a cottage by the lake



sitting out on the porch



relaxing in front of the house



bring out the floral table cloth



a view from the other side of the room



hanging out the washing



relaxing under the trees


P1010010 2.JPG

go fishing



rent a boat



watching the ducks and geese in the local park



decorate the front of the house like a cottage



looking out on the lake



sitting by the pool



going for a walk along a country lane



lovely view in the local park


41 thoughts on “Cottage Life

    1. I am glad Aquib that you like the pictures of cottage life. It is true that Canada is a very nice country, especially in summer. Winters are too long and too cold and it gets dark too early. I like to take pictures everywhere I go, because you can see beauty everywhere. Yes, you should visit Canada some time.


  1. On my next post I will show pictures of Montreal, and I am sure you will like them too. It is a very diverse city where everybody feels at home. People are very friendly and welcoming and I am sure you would like the place. There are many beautiful places to visit on this earth and Canada is one of them.

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      1. In that case do not miss to take your camera. But I understand you might have missed taking it and have had missed some beautiful opportunities to click. It happens….😂
        It was nice coming to your Blog I shall visit nite then, stay connected. Thanks🌷💗

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  2. Thank you. Actually I took pictures of several houses here and there (my camera always with me) and this is what I came up with. Sometimes I am in other peoples’ houses and they let me take pictures. I am glad that you like the photos.


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