Little Prince


What matters most are the simple pleasures so abundant that we can all enjoy them… Happiness doesn’t lie in the objects we gather around us.  To find it, all we need to do is open our eyes.
                         (The Little Prince – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)


(pictures taken in my local park)

17 thoughts on “Little Prince

  1. Thank you Aquib. The bird is a “seagull”. When I was taking the picture I was watching her. These beautiful creatures are so innocent. And then I thought about the book “The Little Prince” and I thought it fitted perfectly. Did you ever read this book? It is one of those little books which makes you reflect. Just like the book “Siddharta” by Herman Hesse, which I also read again and again because it gives another perspective to the meaning of life. By the way, your last post “Death” was awesome !!! Lara


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