The Stairs of Montreal

Montreal is an interesting city, with interesting architecture.  One of the features visitors seem to admire are the outside stairs, which you find in many quarters of Montreal.  Quarters like Plateau Mont Royal or Villeray have lots of these older homes and you see street after street lined with staircases and little balconies decorated for the season. The other day I went to Villeray and I took these pictures.

P1010002 2.JPG

a street lined with stairs



a little pocket garden just in front of the stairs



balconies on the lower floor



beautiful Rue Foucher in the Villeray district of Montreal


P1010008 3.JPG

a cute little balcony on the upper floor



a little corner store in-between the houses





a bicycle leaning against the fence




here a Fleurs de Lys flag seen attached to the house



a beautiful door with lace curtains




23 thoughts on “The Stairs of Montreal

    1. I am happy that you like the pictures of these houses. I don’t have to go very far to take pictures of Montreal because I live quite close by in a suburb. Yes, and I have always been fascinated by those stairs.


  1. also, wenn man diese Bilder sieht, denkt man nur noch ans Umziehen. Man möchte dort gleich wohnen, einziehen in eines dieser wunderschönen Häuser mit den einladenden Treppchen, die nach oben führen.
    Dass Montreal so schöne Wohnviertel hat, macht die Stadt einfach lebenswert. Schade, dass sie so weit weg ist von hier. Sonst könnte man ja dort mal herum spazieren. Eine wunderschöne Stadt.

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    1. Thank you. I am happy that you like it. It is true that we can capture any detail in architecture, nature etc. and make it a focal point. For me these stairs are something quite unique. But sometimes I also look at windows and doors of a house and find them fascinating.


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