We are slowly approaching winter and now is the time when we have to cover our garden furniture and bring in the remaining pots of plants.   Yesterday I brought in my big Hibiscus plant and almost had a hernia because it is so heavy.  Now I placed it in my sunroom and it takes a lot of space.   Not to forget that every week it grows by about 2 inches.   Soon I will have to move out the furniture from the sunroom because there is no place for them.   I took a few pictures to show you how it looks like.


Right in front we have a messy looking pot of Geraniums and right behind the chair you can see the leaves of the large Hibiscus plant.

P1010039 2.JPG 

To make it look nice I placed two little Buddha statues on a table and already put some Christmas lights on my little pine tree, which looks very nice when it gets dark.


Another angle of the table with the Hibiscus beside it.


One of my other Buddhas on the windowsill.


Ready for tea in the plant room


I am a big lover of all kinds of teas.   


Here one of the bedroom windows where you can look out onto a giant apple tree.  Unfortunately this year we had only a few apples.


And this is little Tina in the sunroom surrounded by plants.   She got used to them and she would never try to eat the leaves.


I spotted this picture of this beautiful terrace of a London holiday flat on the HomeAway website and I liked it so much that I would like to show it here.  It is just so beautiful.  I think the next time I visit London I will rent this flat just because of this little patio. 


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