Cats like Windows

There is something about cats at the window.  Often when I go for a walk I see a cat looking out from a window.  Because many cats  like to sit at the window.  Many of the cats live indoors and for them the window is a place to connect with the outside world. Even cats who spend time outside like to sit at windows and watch the world pass by. Even though I do not have a cat (I have a dog) many of my friends, neighbors and my sister all have cats.  That is why I know a lot about cats and what wonderful creatures they are.   I have collected a few pictures of cats which I would like to show here.

A cute little cat looking out behind a lace curtain



Another sweet cat watching the world go by

source:  FLICKR.COM



Christmas Cat



The following picture is of an abandoned little backyard of a house in London up for sale.   Since I am drawn towards anything shabby, dilapidated or broken this little garden caught my eye.  There is something so serene and beautiful about this garden.  Even though it has been forgotten it has not lost its beauty.  It is a place I would like to sit and dream.




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