My Indoor Garden

Since summer has passed and the weather is getting colder I have to bring in the last of my pots of plants.   I am lucky to have big windows and during the day my plants get lots of sun, so they can continue to grow.   Since I miss summer so much I create my own garden room in the house.


Pots of plants are placed all around the room and on the table


P1010002 2.JPG

In the back there is a large pine tree on which I have placed strings of lights to brighten up the dark evenings


P1010001 2.JPG

In front of a Japanese painting a glass filled with bamboo leaves


P1010001 4.JPG

the big leaves of the MONSTERA plant


P1010001 3.JPG
I bring in my outside furniture to make it look like a terrace


P1010002 3.JPG

a cutting of Hydrangea in a glass.  When they are dried you can keep them all winter in a vase


P1010001 5.JPG

Tina relaxing in her own little jungle

29 thoughts on “My Indoor Garden

  1. wieder einmal wunderschöne Bilder, die zum Relaxen und Nachdenken anregen. Auch sehr romantisch. Da möchte man sich gerne aufhalten.

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    1. Thank you. Actually it is easier than you think, because I myself am not an expert. Start with a spider plant, which grows almost by itself. Some of the philodendron are very easy to keep. Just to name a few.

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